Yussra Ajaleh 2018 Student Award Recipient

“I am honoured to be one of the recipients of Community Foundations. I feel incredibly blessed to have been given financial support from you, for your generous support does not go unseen. This will not only help me financially, but academically and emotionally. I have one more year in my degree program and this will allow me to concentrate more on my schoolwork, and worry less about my financial debt. Thank you so much for establishing this award. This means a lot to me, and fuels my desire to succeed.”

Yussra Ajeleh Suesue

Pictured above – Yussra Ajaleh, recipient and Amy Richards, Treasurer and Board Member at the Community Foundation – photo credit T. Sedore Photography

Smart and Caring Student Award: Studies have shown that students who received student awards are more likely to attend and graduate from post-secondary institutions, and are more likely to excel in their academic endeavours. These students are also more likely to volunteer and give back to their community. 

Applications for student awards will be available around May 2019.  Watch our website for details and sign up for our newsletter here – https://bit.ly/2AKoXc7

01.18.2019 Yussra Ajaleh SM



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