Your Community Matters – October 2019

We invite you to look through the new Vital Signs and decide what needs to be prioritized for YOU. The report displays the collective responses on topics you answered in the survey.

Vital Signs is a project that really brings our whole community together.  We partnered with the City and County of Grande Prairie and the MD of Greenview.  This is what is important to us at the Community Foundation, the people of these communities…..YOU. 

This publication is intended to be a tool to help you spur conversations on how we can collectively; as a community work on important issues requiring attention, continue with the positive work and impact already taking place, and enhance issues that are meaningful to us. 

Vital Signs helps us connect our donors to the local issues in the community that are in need.  Whether it’s a specific cause like animal welfare, child literacy, arts and culture, or overall community wellness, your Community Foundation connects people who care with causes that matter. Vital Signs shows how we need to spend resources from our Community Impact Fund, that is the community savings account we created, and continue to grow through the Foundation.

I invite you to connect with your peers and discuss what matters to you. When you’re ready, give us a call at the Foundation office and we can help connect you to your WHY and the causes that matter to you.

I am available at (780) 538-2820 to discuss how you can partner with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta in building community, connecting people and increasing our collective sense of belonging throughout the region.

Connect people. Build community. For good, and forever.

Warmest wishes,

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2019 Northwestern Alberta Vital Signs®

Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs brings together research – statistics and community perceptions – along with community action to provide a snapshot of our communities and the people who live here. This knowledge-driven tool highlights where our strengths are as communities and where the gaps lie. Part of the production of this report helps us align philanthropy to community needs and opportunities. This is the 6th time the report has been published. Vital Signs invites every citizen and leader to identify priorities, start conversations, and make informed decisions to drive positive change – where no one is left behind.


Do you know who we are?  Do you know what we do? 

We are the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta.  We build community through grants and leadership.  We know our region inside and out and have a pulse on what’s going on in the community.  We work closely with charitable organizations, post-secondary students and donors to help make Northwestern Alberta an area filled with healthy and vital communities.  We focus on collaboration, not competition.  Our final goal is to be able to leave a legacy that will continue to make an impact long after we are gone.

#GIVING2020 is a movement to tell Northwestern Alberta about the Foundation.  We need your help in reaching 2,020 friends by 2020.  Want to help?  Tell a friend about us.  Make a donation.   Share on social media. Call us to find out how you can help.  Help us reach 2020 by 2020!


2023 Vital
Impact Leaders

Thank You!

We are very proud of the continued relationships with the following community leaders. Partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to giving back to their local community ensure that your Northwestern Alberta Foundation can continue to build community. Please support those who support us!

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