Your Community Matters – November 2020

This month, I feel incredibly honored by the connections we have been able to make in our communities.  November is a month that we have the privilege of connecting our fund holders to the causes that are meaningful to them, while helping to build communities across our region!  It has been rewarding to speak with so many of our important supporters over these last few weeks. 

A few of our fundholders pictured above.

One of the things that stood out to me when starting this role was the realization that there are so many options to make impact!  It’s our specialty to tailor a plan for everyone to be a part of building community.  Now, more than ever, communities need us to lean in and provide foundations to continue building upon. 

Your decision to support allows you to choose how you will frame your support through several different fund structures:         

Designated Fund – funds go to a specific charity of your choice annually

Donor Advised Fund – you can advise each year where you would like to direct your funds

Field of Interest Fund – you choose a particular area of interest and we direct the funds accordingly i.e.) mental health, youth, environment

Community Impact Fund – interest earned from your fund throughout the year is pooled with other Community Impact fund holders and directed to the areas of greatest need through an application process we facilitate each fall

Charitable Organization Fund – funds are held and gain investment income annually.  Each year, the charitable organization receives a portion of the income to support their administration and operations

Regional Fund – communities across Northwestern Alberta initiate a Regional Fund where income generated annually is directed to causes within that specific community.

Alternatively, your Community Foundation can act as one stop shopping, if you will, for donations you may wish to make to other charities now!  This is an option we have been honored to use as we work with our donors that understand how much our local organizations need our support now, more than ever.  Here’s how it works…we conduct the due diligence portion of making a donation, confirming your contribution is going to a responsible and reputable organization.  From there, we forward your donations as you direct, and you receive a single tax receipt reflecting your support.

We are well positioned to help facilitate your community support.  Whether it’s to leave a legacy to build community for years to come through a fund or support your community now with a flow through donation, we can support you in the following ways:

  • Frame your intentions within a fund that you can build over time to support community forever
  • Offer our expertise with executing donations to qualified donees, supporting urgent needs now!
  • Share our knowledge about community needs across our region, ensuring your impact is timely and responsive

With 2020 quickly coming to a close, we look forward to connecting with you to capture your community support in the best possible ways, building community now and forever.   Collectively, we will be preparing and celebrating much differently this year, but may we be reminded of the incredible gift of community as we move forward!


Laura LaValley, CEO

Giving Tuesday – December 1, 2020

Most of us participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday but do you also participate in Giving Tuesday? On December 1st, 2020 we ask that you consider making a charitable donation to the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta. Not only will you be supporting those who need assistance in our community and spreading good cheer, but you also have the opportunity to receive a charitable tax receipt to help you come income tax season.

Not sure which funds to donate to? Here are a couple that may be of interest:

The Better Together Covid-19 Response Fund- This fund will support organizations now as they manage these unprecedented economic and health crisis and will be available as they rebuild to their new norm.

The Community Kitchen and Foodbank Fund- This fund is designated to support the Salvation Army food hamper needs and the Community Kitchen hot meal program.

The Nitehawk Landslide Recovery Fund- This fund is designated to support the rebuild of the lift as well as a couple of our ski runs that were lost in the May 2020 landslide.

Administrative Operating Fund- We work together with community partners and leaders to discuss issues in multiple, strategic ways that bring impactful changes to our communities. A gift to our Operating Fund enables us to do more of this work for our communities. Feel free to call our office for more ideas on how you can give to your community this Giving Tuesday!

Year End Giving 2020

Have you gotten all of your donations in for 2020? Do you still need tax credits come income tax time? Then may we recommend year end giving!

The Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is a charity for charities. We support student award programming and charitable organizations within our region to assure they receive the necessary funding to continue providing essential services to our most vulnerable.

We are a one stop shop for giving. You can choose from any of our funds, focusing on all the needs in our region and you receive an immediate charitable tax receipt for your donation. AWESOME!

To ensure you qualify for a 2020 tax receipt, you can donate by:

•       Dropping a cheque at our office (please call first).

•        Calling our office at (780) 538-2820.

•        Sending it via mail, postmarked no later than Dec 31.

•        Visiting our secure giving page here until Dec 31.

Still have shopping left to do but not excited about busy parking lots and store lines? Consider making a donation as a gift in someone’s honour and we will notify them that you’ve done this on their behalf. Donations must be received by Dec 18th for CFNWAB to notify them before the holiday office closure.

How to donate:


2023 Vital
Impact Leaders

Thank You!

We are very proud of the continued relationships with the following community leaders. Partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to giving back to their local community ensure that your Northwestern Alberta Foundation can continue to build community. Please support those who support us!

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