Young at Art Fund by T. Sedore Photography

At 12 years old, Tanya Sedore was thrilled to receive her first camera as a Christmas gift. Life through this new lens eventually developed a path to launch T. Sedore Photography in 1997.

Tanya believes that encouraging and celebrating the creativity of our youth benefits our community. The younger generation also benefits from the confidence gained in embracing their creativity and being able to showcase their images publicly.

Over the years, the Young at Art Fund has funded new cameras for Peace Wapiti Academy, art programs at The Cool Aid Society, Northreach Society, and the Creative Arts Centre, as well as additional school photography programs.

Through the Young at Art initiative, Tanya continues to light a spark and inspire the young creative community in our region to shine brighter. Partnering with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta to create an endowment fund has ensured that the Young at Art Fund by T. Sedore Photography is building a legacy in our community today and forever.

You can make a difference in our community – not only for today but forever. When you make a donation to the Young at Art Fund by T. Sedore Photography, we invest that gift into a permanent endowment fund and the original gift is never spent. Earnings from your gift is distributed to support and encourage community art programs and projects focused on engaging and connecting youth under eighteen years of age. Donations can be made online here – or by calling the Community Foundation at (780) 538-2820.


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