Wanted: Awesome Board Members

The Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is accepting resumes for Board of Directors positions for 2019 appointment.

Embracing the Smart & Caring Communities vision, the Board of Directors works at a governance level to ensure regional residents are served by the Community Foundation and are provided opportunities to strengthen their connection to their community.

One of the most valuable assets of any Community Foundation is its Board of Directors. This group of community leaders brings vision, dedication and energy to making a difference in their community today and into the future.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Community Foundation. Accountable for the operation of the Foundation, within the parameters established by law, its overall responsibility is that of governance. This includes providing leadership, setting direction, establishing policies and ensuring sound management.

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The Board is chosen for their skills and experiences and commitment to building for the long-term success of regional communities. Representing a variety of fields including finance, estate law, accounting, governance and community leadership, they draw on their collective wealth of experience to successfully govern the Foundation into the future.

Directors act in a position of trust for the community and are responsible for the effective governance of the organization. Responsibilities include:

• Embrace the Foundation movement and direction of the Community Foundation
• Be willing to embrace the Foundation’s mission of philanthropic leadership in the community and support its objectives in asset building and grantmaking
• Have a reputation within his or her profession and the community that would serve to enhance the public image of the Foundation
• Serve on one or more committees
• Fully embrace the ambassador role
• Full attendance at board meetings, committee meetings and annual general meetings
• Actively support fund development and fund development activities
• Commit approximately 10 hours per month to meet the role of a board member which includes participating in a volunteer capacity on Management Committees under the management of the CEO

Board members shall be appointed to the Board for a term of 3 years and can hold up to 2 consecutive terms.

Please submit your resume via email to tracey@buildingtomorrowtoday.com highlighting your skills and community experience, plus a statement regarding what you feel you can do to further the goals of the Foundation, by Friday, February 15, 2019 at 4:30 pm.

To learn more, please contact:

Tracey Vavrek, CEO
(780) 538-2820

Devon Wardley, Chair of the Board of Directors
(780) 539-4110

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