Supporting Education through Scholarship Opportunities

Calling all education advocates and community champions in Northwestern Alberta! It’s time to rally together and make a lasting impact on the future of our region’s students. 

Education is the key that unlocks countless opportunities, empowering our youth to reach their full potential and contribute to the growth of our communities. However, many bright minds often face financial barriers that hinder their dreams of pursuing higher education. Our 2023 scholarship intake saw over 1000 applications, marking a 25% year-over-year growth. With the generosity of our current donors, we supported 86 scholarships equating to almost $45,000 being given out to students in need. We are at a pivotal time with the cost of living rising for students and there is a dire need to support the next generation of tradespeople, healthcare workers, accountants, agriculture leaders, and engineers, all of which our region depends on. 

We have the power to change this narrative! Work with the Northwestern Alberta Foundation to create a brighter and more promising tomorrow by establishing more scholarship funds specifically designed to support post-secondary education for students right here in Northwestern Alberta. 

When we invest in education, we invest in a brighter future for all of us. By contributing to scholarship funds, we pave the way for deserving students to access quality education, regardless of their financial background. 

Imagine the impact we can make by providing young minds with the resources they need to excel academically, develop their skills, and ultimately become the leaders, innovators and professionals our region needs. 

A 2022 recipient of the Chief Ronald W. Clarke Fund, Moriah Berg, stated “Because of this scholarship, I can continue to work towards positively impacting this community in the future through my nursing career. It is because of generous members within the community that my education can thrive through the amazing opportunities the north region provides.” 

Let’s make education dreams come true! Share this message, spread the word and let’s ignite a movement for more scholarship opportunities in Northwestern Alberta. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more educated and prosperous future for every hometown. 


2023 Vital
Impact Leaders

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We are very proud of the continued relationships with the following community leaders. Partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to giving back to their local community ensure that your Northwestern Alberta Foundation can continue to build community. Please support those who support us!

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