Spirit of the Peace Entrepreneurial Women’s Fund

The Spirit of the Peace Entrepreneurial Women’s Fund was conceived by a group of successful entrepreneurial women, while we were in a mentored program called “Living in BalanceSeminars” (.com).

Every Christmas season for years this group of women would choose an organization to donate to such as Sunrise House or Odyssey House, and would gather funds, gifts, hats, gloves and scarves. 

One year as they were wanting to give back to the community in a significant long-term way, where we could pass forward a way of building resources that would keep on giving. 

Some of the women they talked to discussed about being single moms and the difficult times they had starting their business, how even bus pass money would have helped, while other women spoke of being down on their luck. 

It was agreed to start a fund through the Foundation, to support Peace Country projects and programs that focus on empowering women with the goal of supporting them on their journey to obtain their entrepreneurial goals. Programs could include but are not limited to counseling and career training, financial budgeting, business coaching and or mentorship, and could include expenses such as childcare and transportation in order to allow for women to attend and participate in such programs. 

Their first goal was to reach a granting level to be able to grant out funds annually to support women entrepreneurs. Through their fund they have supported organizations from CAREERS: The Next Generation to Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning. 

The fund is now advised by Amanda Reimer, Michelle Brick and Lucia Martin. Together they have set a new goal to reach $50,000! They invite you to support their goal and reimagine the next generation of women entrepreneurs!


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