Sadiq Scholarship for Emerging Newcomers

Lydia Sadiq has been a Board member of Northwestern Alberta Foundation since May 2018. In her time with the organization, she has witnessed hundreds of unique fund purposes come to life, creating a lasting impact and filling gaps in community needs across Northwestern Alberta. 

Hearing these stories inspired Lydia to create her own fund close to her personal story. Lydia’s story begins as most of ours do, with our parents. 

Tanvir and Shamim were married in Pakistan. After their wedding, Tanvir received a scholarship for postgraduate studies in engineering in the USA, where Shamim joined him the following year. With the wish to begin a family and offer a life full of possibilities beyond how they had grown up, along came Lydia and her brother, Lewis. 

Dr. Sadiq received his PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and moved the family to Calgary, Canada.  Later, their family moved from Canada to Kuwait, where Dr. Sadiq was a professor in engineering at Kuwait University and Shamim built a cozy home for the family until 2003. (Are you seeing the trend in post-secondary?) 
The family moved back to Calgary in 2003. This move came rapidly due to conflict in Iraq, a country that neighbours Kuwait. The move also came with no job secured and uncertainty for their young family.  

This uncertainty encouraged Shamim to pursue post-secondary education in healthcare, leading to her two-decade career in healthcare.  

In 2005, Dr. Sadiq became an engineering instructor at the Grande Prairie Regional College (now Northwestern Polytechnic), leading the family to become settled in Grande Prairie. Shamim also transitioned her healthcare career to Grande Prairie, where she’s since cared for the region’s elderly.  

Modelling her parents’ value of service to others, Lydia was drawn to the ideas of humanitarianism and justice. She quickly began volunteering for her high school’s social justice club and various councils, a trait that followed her through life. 

During her time at Northwestern Polytechnic, and inspired by her parent’s journey with post-secondary, Lydia volunteered for the Students’ Association where she advocated locally and provincially for accessible post-secondary education. 

Immigrants come to Northwestern Alberta for a variety of reasons, this is just one of those stories. 

The Sadiq family has experienced the direct impact post-secondary education has on the trajectory a life. Creating a scholarship opportunity to support emerging newcomers and the children of immigrants speaks to the sense of care and belonging the Sadiq’s have for their community. 

To Lydia, ‘emerging newcomers’ connects directly to the opportunity and possibility of building a life in a new place and investing your time and spirit in the community. 

The Sadiq Scholarship for Emerging Newcomers is actively raising awareness of this new fund in hopes to award a scholarship to a deserving Northwestern Alberta student in 2024. To support this fund, please consider donating at the link below before March 31, 2024.

Lydia Sadiq will be completing her final term on Northwestern Alberta Foundation’s Board in the Spring of 2024. This fund is a manifestation of the desire to create a lasting opportunity for first and second generations to study in Northwestern Alberta. 


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