October 2015

I want to thank all who supported our “Nourish the North” Wine & Auction, the Community Foundation’s way of building relationships and building a stronger community. The Community Foundation seeks to create connections and a greater sense of community by nourishing the relationships that have made us who we are today. The relationships we foster and create in our communities are the true stepping-stones for our success. This year, we were honored to share our special guest, Jowi Taylor and his love of Canada with our community and over 1,500 students in the region throughout the week; connecting people and building community on all levels.  (Please have a look at our Photo Library Photo Library on our Community Foundation Facebook page.)

The success of the week was a tribute to our generous friends, sponsors, and volunteers who are dedicated to enriching the communities we call home. Your commitment will result in an everlasting difference in your community. On behalf of the board of directors and the staff of the Community Foundation, we would like to express our sincere appreciation of your support.

The Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta is about bringing donors and charities together, helping people like you make an enduring difference. Our organization leads, inspires and encourages philanthropy. Over the past 19 years, the Foundation has touched every part of the community by investing over $4.19 million into a wide variety of community projects throughout the region, all as a result of the many people who desire to make an impact in their community.

We are planning our fourth Community Foundation Random Act of Kindness Day® on November 6, and it is my sincere hope that this amazing community will be able to join us in some capacity. Random Act of Kindness Day® is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate our fellow citizens and for engaging our community.

This is the Community Foundation’s annual reminder to celebrate kindness every day and a way to bring people together. Please contact Lindsey at our office at 780 538 2820 to reserve a free kindness kit.

We launched our 2015 Grande Prairie Area’s Vital Signs® report October 6th. We invite you to download a copy of this valuable document that provides insight and education into local quality of life for the City and the Grande Prairie area.

Connect people. Build community. For good, and forever.

Warmest wishes,
Tracey Vavrek, CEO

Community Foundation – Video Premiere

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The Community Foundation is proud of every story that brings to life the impact philanthropy has on individuals, families and communities. We collect stories we hope will inspire both donors and nonprofits to continue making important contributions to Grande Prairie and our Northwestern region.

We wanted to share those stories and their impact on communities, with charities and in the region through our new video  new video

We ask you to take a few moments to view the video and we welcome your feedback.

Random Act of Kindness Day®

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In our crazy, scheduled worlds, we don’t always take the time to slow down and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a community such as ours. Northwestern Alberta has a long-cherished reputation for community building and generosity.

Random Act of Kindness Day® is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate fellow citizens and for community building – it’s NOT about fundraising or giving money – just a day to celebrate kindness.

Simple acts of kindness are endless; buy someone a coffee, congratulate someone on a job well done, offer to drive someone to an appointment, rake leaves for a neighbour or visit a seniors center.

Random Act of Kindness Day® has become an amazing event that schools embrace to help communicate anti-bullying and encourage empathy through kindness amongst students.  Random Act of Kindness Day has become a day that employers celebrate the hard work of their employees.

Even though kindness should be part of our everyday life, it’s easy to get busy and sidetracked. Our hope is that Random Act of Kindness Day® reminds everyone to bring kindness to the top of their list – not just on November 6, but every day.

How will you make kindness a priority – November 6, 2015?

Learn more … about Random Act of Kindness Day®.

Kits are available at the Community Foundation office. Give a bracelet or a card to remind people to “pay it forward” with Kindness. Call Lindsey today at 780-538-2820

2015 vitalsigns singlepages FINAL web cover

 “Community knowlege gives us the power to take action”

In October Vital Signs® was released by 28 Community Foundation’s across Canada, Community Foundation’s of Canada launched a national report on belonging plus 14 Community Founation’s in the UK. The report is a key tool that is used by different levels of government, institutions, business and community groups.

The Grande Prairie Area’s Vital Signs® is a snapshot of the City of Grande Prairie and the County of Grande Prairie. Vital Signs® uses multiple lenses by delving deep into 11 interconnected subject areas, creating rich pictures that help us better analyze and understand our communities and our quality of life.

And now, for the rest of the story . . .

Please follow the link and read more……Grande Prairie 2015 Vital Signs Report

Vital Signs® is coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada.

fm letterhead logoSmart & Caring Leaders – October Highlight

The Grande Prairie of 1935 was nothing like our modern city of street lights, shopping centres and a booming population. With just 1,500 people calling it home it was, to say the least just beginning to grow. Despite its minimal population and minimal amenities, the Edmonton based accounting firm Nash & Nash saw the quiet farming community of Grande Prairie as a hub of opportunity and potential. It was in 1935 that they opened a branch in Grande Prairie. After Nash & Nash went international, the Grande Prairie location decided to maintain its core values and beliefs of supporting their local community. It was this decision that resulted in Nash & Nash becoming Fletcher Mudryk & Co. In 1987.

For the past 80 years Fletcher Mudryk has been an integral part of Grande Prairie. In its 80 year lifespan it has watched Grande Prairie transform from a small farming community to a city, and a gateway to the north. The partners and team at Fletcher Mudryk owe their 80 years of success in our region, to the people of the Peace who have come to trust Fletcher Mudryk as a respected, fair and diligent organization.

Fletcher Mudryk’s team is fully understanding of what the Peace Region has given them, and prides themselves on ensuring that they are always there for the people and causes of the Peace Region.

Philanthropy has become part of the culture at Fletcher Mudryk, the partners and team encourage each other to represent the firm’s values of trust, respect, pride, and integrity not only in the office but also through mentorship, coaching, and other community Involvement.

Fletcher Mudryk has long been part of the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta. From the humble beginnings of the Community Foundation, to the development of their own fund in 2006, to many years of corporate sponsorship and volunteerism, Fletcher Mudryk, its partners and team members are a constant source of support to the Foundation and its work.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank Fletcher Mudryk, it’s partners and team members for their continued support and dedication to the growth and development of the Community Foundation, Philanthropy, and the communities they serve across the Peace Region.

Your dedication to the people and causes of the Peace Region, is helping build smarter more caring communities.



2023 Vital
Impact Leaders

Thank You!

We are very proud of the continued relationships with the following community leaders. Partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to giving back to their local community ensure that your Northwestern Alberta Foundation can continue to build community. Please support those who support us!

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