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A philanthropist can use their knowledge to make a change.   Each of us knows someone who takes time and offers support to their community for a cause they are passionate about.

A philanthropist could be someone who works for a nonprofit or charity and dedicates their time to a valuable cause that holds a special spot in their heart.

Finally, it could be someone who makes a financial donation to one or more causes.

We see philanthropists throughout our communities and the world.  They make an active effort to promote human welfare. Think about yourself and your dedication to make an effort to positively influence a challenge in society in the best way that you can. A philanthropist finds an issue that they are passionate about and does what they can to help. Philanthropy is about dedication to humanitarian issues. It is not always about money.

On December 5, we will celebrate philanthropy in our region.  Thanks to many people who believe and live for all the reasons above that we are building a better, stronger community.

Join us at Invest Northwest to experience the energy of philanthropy.

Connect people. Build community. For good, and forever.

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Janet Evans Legacy Fund

Not all children have the opportunity to take part in healthy outdoor activities such as hiking, downhill skiing or camping. It’s a fact that struck Janet Evans as she worked with Immigrant Settlement Services and tutored new Canadians from other countries over the years.

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“I developed a real fondness for these people and realized that their children did not have the same advantages that our children had,” she says.

To help those children in need, Janet recently established the Janet Evans Legacy Fund with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta.

Born and raised in the Peace Country, Janet went on to further her education once she finished high school. From St. Joseph’s Academy business college in Grande Prairie, she went on to the University of Alberta and took her teacher training.

She had been teaching for several years when she met and married Ron Evans. Janet continued to teach sporadically as their family grew to include four children. During those years, she took courses from Athabasca University, wrapping up a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Sociology in 1997, and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999.

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As a teacher and a parent, Janet realized how important outdoor activities are to the development of young people as they grow.

“We, for the most part, lived in the country so the kids had all that country living entails – outdoor play, riding horses, building tree houses, chores to care for the animals,” she says. “Then we, as a family, became involved in downhill skiing, camping and eventually hiking and backpacking trips to the mountains. This led to all of our children having a love for the outdoors and experiencing the joy that these activities bring.”

Tragically, Janet lost two of her children in a traffic accident in 2016.  It was through that loss that Janet became aware of the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta, and the Michael Evans Legacy fund and the Jody Evans Community fund were established.

“This led me to the realization that I could contribute to this worthwhile organization by establishing my own fund,” she says.

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The grants created by Janet’s fund will go to help at risk children and children of newcomers to Canada, to experience healthy, fun activities (particularly outdoor activities) that contribute to their development as well adjusted, happy adults.

You can make a difference in our community – not only for today but forever, when you make a donation to the Janet Evans Legacy Fund.

Donations can be made online here – or by calling the Community Foundation at (780) 538-2820.



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