Kelsey Baile – Student Award Recipient

Kelsey is the recipient of the Jean Duplessis Family Legacy Fund, Swan City Breakfast Lions Club and Q-99 Student Award Fund.

“As a mature student, I have received special permission from my University to take more than the allowed credit hours per semester. On top of my 3.7 GPA, taking 19-20 credit hours a semester and my job as a teacher’s assistant, I work very hard in my classes. This funding has helped me be able to focus on education and to do my best. As a future teacher, I believe how important education is, and I am so grateful for this funding and how much it helps me take one step closer to becoming a teacher. Thank you to all the fund holders for their generous contributions. I a so proud to be from Northern Alberta and am always in awe with how supportive it is.”

As a student you could be supported just like Kelsey, to help with your school costs. Congratulations Kelsey!

Student Awards are now open and we are accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year! Visit – for more information.


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