Jane Villiger – Student Award Recipient

Jane is a recipient of the Chief Ronald W. Clarke Fund. She is attending Mount Royal University and enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing Program.

“This award has assisted me in the pursuit of my education and career goals by providing me with
financial aid to pay for university as I complete the final two years of my Bachelor of Nursing Degree. By
eliminating the stress of financial shortcomings I am able to focus my full attention on the content of my
classes further improving my practice and presence in the clinical setting. Successful completion of the
Bachelor of Nursing program will enable me to change the lives of patients and their families every day in my future career, helping them navigate along the path of healing and supporting them to maintain optimal holistic health. It is an honor to receive this incredible award, and I look forward to the career ahead of me that it will have played a part in facilitating.”

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