February 2020 – Your Community Matters

I hope this message finds you well.  Change is in the air as we move into March, we are seeing the change of the weather from winter to a hint of spring.  Our community is experiencing many changes that reflects on our local charitable sector in one manner or another.  There is a shift in local charitable leadership, funding formulas are different today than in the past, we are welcoming many new faces to lead as board of directors, and much more.

Change feeds new ideas and perspectives, provides opportunities for innovative partnerships and encourages a platform to engage in diverse and open dialogue.  I urge you to examine your role in leading change in our region.

Our community is built of the trust and commitment of many leaders, and the Community Foundation is honoured to lead and collaborate with all sectors in leading change.  As a result of these trusting relationships, our community is stronger, healthy and vibrant today, and will be strong for the future.

Welcome the gift of change as March arrives, and I encourage you to consider what change you can make by donating to an endowment fund, what would this look like today, and into the future.

I am available at (780) 538-2820 to discuss how you can partner with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta in building community, connecting people and increasing our collective sense of belonging throughout the region.

Warmest wishes,

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Beaverlodge Family and Community Support Services

Variety in programming for youth of all ages in small rural communities is oftentimes limited, but that’s not the case in Beaverlodge.

Working with local school liaisons, the community youth programming was able to reach a variety of youth with different needs and provided an opportunity to take part in unique classes without having to leave their own community.

Beaverlodge Family and Community Support Services had close to 175 young residents take part in a variety of programs designed especially for them in 2018, all free of charge thanks in part to a grant from the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta and the Jeff Toews Memorial Foundation Fund.

(left to right) Trudy Hodges, Natalie Tookey, Dawson Toews, Natasha Collins-DeCoste

“The positive feedback we received really reinforced the need for these programs in our community,” says community programmer Trudy Hodges.  “Youth were able to develop new relationships with others as well as build on their self esteem and emotional wellness,” she adds. “During the card making class the youth made thank you cards for our annual volunteer recognition event.  This was a very special opportunity for the youth to learn about volunteerism and give back to their community.”

“Our future goals are to continue to offer accessible and affordable youth programming in our rural community.”

The Jeff Toews Memorial Foundation Fund was created at the Foundation in memory of Jeff who passed away in 2007. The creation of the fund, by the Toews family, was put in place to remember Jeff. Jeff was a giver. Whether on the field of sport, in the work environment or with family and friends; that is his legacy. And with the creation of this fund, Jeff will live on in the hopes and dreams of others.

Lydia Sadiq – Board Member at the Foundation

The team at the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta adore Lydia. When asked what makes her an incredible director they state that she has one of the most positive attitudes and work ethics. She is a driver of meaningful conversation and a strong advocate for emerging leaders and youth within our community and organization.

“In 2005, my parents moved our family to Grande Prairie from Calgary so that my dad could teach at GPRC. As a teenager being uprooted from her life, I dreaded the move.

Little did I know, this community would provide me opportunities to foster deep connections, give back as a volunteer, advocate for post-secondary, and build a career in media and communications.

Recently, my personal journey has led me to a deeper understanding of my heritage and the immigrant stories of Indo-Canadians. The journey has left me with a stronger conviction to advocate for diverse, representative, and inclusive decision making.

Grande Prairie is a vibrant, resilient, and giving community that is home to people of many backgrounds.

Volunteering for the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta has been an opportunity to help build a community that is welcoming to all. Nationally, the Community Foundations movement works to build a strong sense of belonging in communities by creating a lasting impact.

To meet this mission at a local level, we must consciously make space for the many voices and perspectives that exist in our community, whether they be diverse in race, gender, age, or ability.”

Women of Influence Awards 2020

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