Donna Koch & John Lehners Fur Kids Family Fund

For Donna Koch and John Lehners, the idea that you get out of your community what you put into is a long-held principle and key to the creation of a new fund with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta.

“We believe in the Community Foundation and its good work, but felt there is a gap and thought this was a huge opportunity to support pets and animals,” says Donna.

“We believe that pets and animals are not only a vital part of family and community, but contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Animal advocacy is something I feel strongly about and is a lifelong commitment.”

For both Donna and John, animals have been part of their family for years. “My desire is to honour our beloved pets, Shady, who passed away in September 2017, and our Renfrew, who will celebrate his 17th birthday in February, and now our new puppy Hugo Boss” says Donna.

“Our desire is to have a nimble enough fund that could provide support where needed to animals and individuals who would benefit with some animal love,” adds John. “Professionals who work with animals and pets have a very important job too and possess special skills and expertise, and if our fund can provide support in some small way by creating opportunities for education, training or support to them throughout the region…we will be very pleased, honored and humbled.”

You can make a difference in our community – not only for today but forever. When you make a donation to the Donna Koch and John Lehners Fur Kids Family Fund, we invest that gift into a permanent endowment fund and the original gift is never spent. Earnings from your gift are distributed to programs and/or projects that will provide animal welfare, care for animals and incorporate animal suport to increase or enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals. Also, projects and/or programs that provide skill, training and/or leadership development for individuals employed with an animal welfare program will be considered. Donations can be made online here – or by calling the Community Foundation at (780) 538-2820.


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