Dane Celebrates by Giving Back

Dane donates his birthday money to the Smart and Caring Seniors Fund at the Community Foundation.  

11.16.2018 Dane and Tracey SM

Dane is a supporter of the foundation, even at 9 years old, in many ways.  He also participates in Random Act of Kindness Day through his school, in addition to giving.  You can see his kindness video here – Dane’s Video on Kindness.  Dane donates to the senior’s fund because his Grandpa is a senior and it is important to him.  Dane is quite active in his community already at 9 with Ukranian Dance and being a member of the EarlyAct Rotary Program.  He loves to help volunteer with his family, friends and other ways in the community.

Dane Food Drive

“Teaching my kids to give back is an essential part of parenting. It’s not something that’s optional. Compassion is one of the basic values that I want my children to have: that if they see a need, whether it’s around the corner or thousands of miles of away, they should feel motivated to do whatever they can to help.” ~ Kate Snow



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