Creating Your Fund

NAF supports all aspects of philanthropy; we are your Philanthropic Advisors supporting every hometown. Funds can be created to support the causes that are most important to you and can impact your community immediately or over time.

Creating your fund is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Your Why

First step is why you want to give. Your philanthropic story is the unique, personal reason that makes you want to support your community. Whether it’s creating a family legacy fund, a memorial fund for a loved one who passed, a scholarship fund supporting the next generations, a charitable organization fund, or a fund to support your ESG goals for your corporate giving; each why is as different as the funds we create.

Community Impact Funds 
Designated Funds 
Field of Interest Funds 
Donor Advised Funds 
Scholarship Funds 
Charitable Organization Funds 
Regional Community Funds 

Capital Funds 


Flow Through Funds 


2. Your Fund 

NAF supports all aspects of tailored giving. Recognizing different community and donor needs, the Foundation created 3 different types of funds.

A. Permanently Endowed Fund

Community Impact Funds are pooled with the other community impact funds to address emerging and pressing needs of the community both now, and in the future.

Designated Funds provide support to specific charities, forever.

Field of Interest Funds are dedicated to a general charitable area of interest as identified by the donor.

Donor Advised Funds enable donors to be actively involved in recommending grant recipients on an annual basis.

Scholarship Funds support post-secondary student education and training opportunities.

Charitable Organization Funds are established by charitable organizations to provide a sustainable source of long-term funding.

Regional Community Funds provide an opportunity to give back to a specific region in Northwestern Alberta forever.

B. Temporarily Endowed Funds

Capital Funds are a hybrid of endowed and non-endowed funds. The capital is initially endowed with the expectation that the capital and investment income will be spent within a set period of time.

C. Non-endowed Funds

Flow Through Funds flow through the Foundation and are not exposed to the investment portfolio creating no investment income, but can create immediate impact.

3. Your How 

How would you like to give to your fund? You can start a fund with any amount as your first donation. From there, you have 10 years to grow your fund to a granting level. You may donate monthly, bi-annually, annually – you control your level of contribution and timing.

Today you can donate via cash, cheque, credit card, e-transfer or online through your own direct fund donation link. You can donate through publicly listed securities or real and personal property.

In the Future you can donate a specific gift or portion of your estate, through a life insurance policy, RRSP, RIF, or TFSA.

 4. Your ACCESS

Accessing your fund is simple! Utilizing the Fund Advisor Portal through your unique login allows you to access your fund information in real time. You can view your Annual Fund Statements, donations, fund balance, and easily access your direct donation link to share with friends and family.


Natasha and Harold

Triumph and tragedy over the last five years have taken Harold DeCoste and Natasha Collins on quite the journey since they first met in Grande Prairie in 2013.

Developing a Giving Plan

What are your philanthropic goals? Why do you give back? What are you hoping to accomplish through your giving today? In the future?

These are just a few questions to consider while creating your giving plan. A giving plan can be a simple outline of your charitable goals; or it can be a detailed plan including your current contributions, planned future gifts, and gifts from your estate.

Connect with your Foundation to develop a giving plan that meets your goals and aligns with your charitable vision, your own tailormade version of supporting your community.

Bootle Family

The Bootle Family has always contributed to their community, in a way that worked for them. A few years ago they decided to establish the Diane and Fletcher Bootle Family Fund to ensure their contributions would leave a lasting legacy.

Family Giving

Whether it’s volunteering time at a local soup kitchen, donating to your local animal shelter or organization, a book drive for the school library, families make an impact on the communities where they live. Your Foundation is here to help families practice charitable giving in a meaningful way, contribute to the causes that are important to your family and develop your giving legacy.

McDonald Family

For Sandy and Luana McDonald, giving back to their community is an important part of their family legacy.

Connect With Us

Our team works with each donor to provide timely and personalized information about charitable giving. Connect with us to discuss your charitable giving.

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