Through all the work that we do throughout our region including building community, connecting people, it has become clear that belonging is a factor essential to building smart & caring communities.

We know that a strong sense of belonging has the extraordinary capacity to transform our lives and our communities. It translates into safer, more resilient and inclusive communities; it’s integral to our mental health and overall well-being; it creates a flourishing culture; it enhances our ability to cultivate relationships; and it inspires greater community participation.


Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs® showed that although our sense of belonging is higher than the national average, our region still has room for improvement. Through the development of this year’s report, we learned that 1 in 5 respondents living in the City of Grande Prairie feel hardly or not at all connected to their community. 

Belonging is vital to community, but where do we go after this critical learning? How do we measure our collective sense of belonging, how do we integrate belonging into vital conversations, how do we inspire citizens to connect with their communities and each other and how do we utilize belonging to build smart & caring communities?

Projects and programs like Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs® and Random Act of Kindness Day® are just some of the ways that your Community Foundation is working to build vibrant and inclusive communities where people feel a strong sense of belonging.  

Read the the Northwestern Alberta’s Vital Signs® here – or request a paper copy from our office.

Please feel free to contact the foundation office at (780) 538-2820 to discuss how you can partner with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta in building community, connecting people and increasing our collective sense of belonging throughout the region.

Connect people. Build community. For good, and forever.

10.02.2018 Vital Signs


2023 Vital
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We are very proud of the continued relationships with the following community leaders. Partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to giving back to their local community ensure that your Northwestern Alberta Foundation can continue to build community. Please support those who support us!

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