Brandon Carpenter – Student Award Recipient

Brandon is attending Northwestern Polytechnic and is taking a Bachelor of Arts. Brandon received funding from the Sheehan Flint Family Fund.

“Receiving funding through the Community Foundation is just another way in such turbulent times to take some of the strain and pressure off of a single parent working to bettering themselves through education. Bills never stop, and neither do other daily incidental expenses, that only seem to compound on one another. The cost of textbooks can be a burden that funds like this helps to ease, along with any other student costs that cannot be avoided when furthering education. As a parent, every dollar counts, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can provide for your child is the most serene feeling. This feeling can be owed to programs, such as the grants and bursaries that can be applied for through the Community Foundation. Without the mentality that it takes a village, or community, for any one of us to truly succeed in life, opportunities like these grants would not be possible. This is why it deserves the respect and appreciation of not only those of us who apply and are lucky enough to receive funding, but the communities we are from, for our education can only benefit the societies we find ourselves in. Thank you very much for this chance and I will continue to work hard at achieving the goals I set for myself.”

We are excited to share we have a newer portal that is more barrier free to help students apply for funding and to cut down on time spent applying!

Student Award Applications are now being accepted for the 2022/2023 school year! Visit – for more information and to apply.


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