2000 Alberta Summer Games Legacy Fund

The 2000 Alberta Summer Games were an opportunity for local young athletes to exhibit their talents, build leadership skills, and learn the values of working together to make things happen. The impact of these Games on both our youth, and our region as a whole have left a lasting impression.

The tangible benefits of the Games are undeniable, including upgrades to more than 17 sport facilities, while the intangible benefits are even more impressive, instilling in participants, parents, volunteers and community members a strong sense of civic pride and the value of athletics in the lives of our youth.

That legacy continues today with the 2000 Alberta Summer Games Legacy Fund, established with the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta in 2001.

“The Legacy Fund was a great tool to allow us to wind up the Games by taking surplus cash off our society books,” explains Andy Beal, 2000 Alberta Summer Games Host Society Chair. “It became something different. The Foundation set up the various funds, created the criteria for accessing the funds, reviewed applications, then awarded grants. They did what we could not do.”

Since the creation of the 2000 Alberta Summer Games Legacy Fund, more than $33,000 in post secondary student grants have been invested in supporting local students to reach their educational goals. Immediate grants of $125,000 to various community and recreation projects via the Community Foundation were also a part of that legacy.

2000 Alberta Summer Games Legacy Fund Recipients Photo Collage

 (some of the past recipients of the 2000 Alberta Summer Games Legacy Fund Awards)

“Education is both critical to society and expensive. I am proud that we help. There is never too much help for local students,” says Beal, who joined the board of the Community Foundation after the Games.  “I have to say thank you to the 2000 Alberta Summer Games for opening my eyes to the value of the Community Foundation.”

“This funding has helped me incredibly,” says one student grant recipient. “Not only can I further focus on my school work but I can also spend more time on my extracurricular activities in the community because I no longer have to try to solely fund my schooling. I thank you very much for the opportunity to better myself with the time I otherwise would have used to fund my education.”

Another student grant recipient says the funding helped alleviate the financial stress of living on their own while in school. “Having the additional funds will allow me to maintain a healthy balance of school, work and recreation which will ultimately make my time in university more immersive and more involved in my ultimate goal of personal, social, and environmental health and sustainability. Studying Natural Resource Science and having the ability to spend time outdoors, outside of the classroom will ultimately make life happier. Thank you so much!”

The 2000 Alberta Summer Games fund continues to help local athletes in 2018 and beyond.

If you know a student who could benefit from this award, encourage them to apply at https://buildingtomorrow.cloudstudio.ca/student-awards


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